Professional biography

Alexandr Hendruk graduated as a violin maker in 1989, in the age of 21, from the school for making string musical instruments (violin, bow and guitar making), in Luby u Chebu, Schonbach, the Czech republic.

Thanks to the level of his previous education he was allowed to attend, instead of general courses, additional full time practical courses of bow making lectured, at the time, by Milan Oubrecht.

Apart from his studies he was also making bows with german bow maker, Herbert R. Leicht, in the workshops organized once a week for three years in Hohendorf by Brambach (Markneukirchen), Germany.

After that he was working in Prague with a focus on custom bow making as well as restoration and reparation of bows.

In 1997 he accepted a position of bow maker and restorer in a string shop in Arizona where he worked until 2002. Since 2002 he has been working independently again.

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